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Handmade Ceramic Earrings with Sterling Silver Fixings

Step into the enchanting world of Bluebird Pottery ceramic earrings, where artistry and sustainability dance together in harmony. Our exquisite collection features sterling silver earrings and playful dangly designs, all meticulously handcrafted to capture the essence of the mesmerizing Irish coast. Embracing eco-conscious practices, we use lead free, toxin free glazes to complement the timeless beauty of ceramics. From soft, natural hues inspired by the coastal landscape to vibrant, mismatched shapes that add a playful touch, our earrings reflect the diversity and charm of life by the sea. Adorn yourself with these wearable pieces of art, and let the beauty of our coastal inspiration grace your ears with every step you take.

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I create all these pretties you see here by hand.

Each of my pieces are totally unique and with their own character.
I design and carve them all myself from using Earthenware Clay before being painted using a mixture of Clay slips and Underglazes. Varying Blues, Orange, Yellow and Lime Green's are applied to the front and sides of the earrings, leaving the rear unglazed so the natural quality of the clay can be appreciated. 

Much of the initial inspiration came from admiring our Atlantic Ocean right here in Killorglin County Kerry, Ireland.

These earrings are so comfortable to wear whilst being completely unique lovely pieces of Artisan jewellery to own or gift.

I look forward to creating new designs very soon to share with you!
I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.

With love,

Kelly x

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